Friday, August 21, 2015

Five on Friday: Looking Forward

Tomorrow // I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. For the first time in FOREVER (seriously- six months), I do not have practice. I can sleep in, which for me is only about 8am, but- and here's the best part- I can spend the rest of the morning lounging on my couch. It will be glorious!

Next week // I got to meet my kiddos today, but next week- I get to know my kiddos. There's magic in the first week of school. Exhausting magic, that leads me straight to bed shortly before 7pm every night. But magic, nonetheless. 

End of August // There's a reason that I get to sleep in tomorrow, and go to bed early on Monday night afternoon. Practice is cancelled for the rest of August. Because my little derby league has faced some rough times as of late, leading to stress and exhaustion like I don't usually experience, even the week before school starts. But at the end of August we get an answer to the "do we stay or do we go?" question. It's looking like good news, but we'll know for sure come the end of August. 

September // College Football. Saturdays take on a whole new meaning. I will probably start practices back up, but this time, I'll have ESPN, thanks to some password sharing on my family's part. I will have my BELOVED College Game Day back, and more chances to watch my Gators play. 

September 08 // The first day off of the school year. Typically, we go to school for a week and then get Labor Day off. This year though, due to the wonky lunar calendaring mojo or whatever, Labor Day is really late, and we have to go TWO WHOLE WEEKS before getting a day off. Man, this one's gonna be good...

What are you looking forward to?

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  1. the end of MAT and walking in Dec to be a real teacher "I got no strings to tie me down"



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