Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Surfing

I am a habitual browser-opener.
I repeatedly and often click on "open in new tab."

Either I want to read it later, or I want to reference it later.
(Let's be honest- I'm totally thinking "I'll blog about that later.")

So, now that it's Sunday, "later" is here (and this girl needs to clean up her computer).

Here's what is in my browser lately:
* Supernatural Episode Guide: I'm binge-watching this show LIKE A CHAMP. I have always wanted to watch it, because: Jensen Ackles. I was hesitant, because: 10 seasons. I'm about five seasons in, and I like to keep up with where I'm at.

* This print belongs in my classroom. Rock, Paper, Scissors is the go-to problem solver and deciding factor in the majority of disagreements in the fourth grade.

* Here's Which Bratty Behavior Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs To Check Themselves For. INFJ's? Pretentiousness? Guilty as charged.

* JK Rowling reveals where James Severus Potter was sorted. First, did anyone expect anything different? Second, last week, she tweeted that it was his first day of Hogwarts, and there was a collective sigh amongst the teachers in the lounge. It was a sweet moment.

* My favorite news piece every week. It's a unique and quick way to get the gist of what's going on around the world.

* The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms. Where was this when I was growing up?

* This needs to go above my bed.

There may also be a few browsers open with things I want to purchase:
* This shirt.
* And this one.

Look for this regularly... because: "open in new tab"

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  1. i may or may not have just "opened in a new tab" most of the links in your blog. =P



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