Friday, October 30, 2015

A musician and a teacher

...walk into a bar.
(though that's not the point of the story- it happens more often than not nowadays...)

It is 7:25 and I am going to bed after I write this because I am damn tired. Daisy's already gotten a head start.

I am driving north five to six times a week nowadays, for various reasons, and on Thursday nights, I drive up there to coach the littles. Last night, the littles were doing a recruiting thing on the square with all of the trick or treaters in the tri-state area.

So, I decided to swing by the boy {space} friend's house and leave him a little prize. Ever heard of being "Boo'd"? Well, I found this:
It should also be noted that I was in no way planning on doing anything but going straight home, so I was still dressed from school: Cammo shirt for red ribbon week, grey comfort sweatshirt over it, and my skinnies, which I then switched over into Old Navy workout leggings, because the derby girl in me lives in those now. My hair was not in the trendy messy bun, but in the homeless, my hair has been braided all day and I don't want to do anything at all with it kind of bun.

I looked pretty.

I attached the cute little picture to a six-pack of Not Your Father's Root Beer, which is absolutely delightful and tastes like Barq's with a bit of a kick, and left it on his front porch.

And then I left to head home and grade math tests because grading is all I do nowadays.

B_F texted to see if I was still in Denton, and asked me to come hang out. I made it VERY clear that I had math tests to grade, and our hanging out would be exactly that. I've been whining about papers to grade forever, and he's always telling me he will help me grade them. So he was going to make good on his promise.

And then, the teacher discovered what it's like to hang out with the musician, and the musician discovered what it's like to hang out with the teacher.

We had to go deliver some cookies to some friends just off the square, and as we were walking back to the car, the musician heard the music. And he said it was cool and got excited about it and kinda wanted to go listen to it and could we pleeeeasssseee go in for just a minute and I said I'd help you grade papers and oh look- isn't that your favorite food truck?

So I gave in and we went in and sat outside and it wasn't my favorite food truck but it did have some pretty good chips and queso and the musician learned that if you want to hang out with a teacher on a school night, you're gonna have to grade some math tests to do it.

The funny thing (aside from how bad I looked) was that we walked past two other tables with people grading papers to get outside to the food truck.

Thing I feel like I should note:
The B_F and I are just friends. Period.

He has a good solid crush on another derby girl, that doesn't like him back but doesn't refrain from texting him when she's feeling down and needs to be surrounded by friends. (her words) I don't think he knows she's not interested, and that makes my heart break for him and steam come out of my ears for her. But, I do not try really hard not to participate in drama, and it is not my place to speak for either of them, so I just keep my trap shut and file away information for later when it may be needed.

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