Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In praise of blurry pictures

I mentioned eariler that the boy {space} friend is not on my good side right now.
That might possibly be because I was working on only 5 hours of sleep, very little food (I tend to not actually eat on Sundays... just snack), and heaps and piles of stress.

It might also be because he's a bit of a stupid-head at times, like all of Saturday and most of Sunday.

So, we're going to ignore that fact for now, and focus on the post at hand:

An entire Saturday of blurry pictures.
Saturday was a nutty day/evening/early next morning.

Practice was cancelled due to rain, so I was able to lay in and sleep on my couch until about 2pm, which was good since I had been with the boy {space} friend until about 1 the night before.

It was finally time to get up because I had somewhere to be. Actually, several somewheres to be.
I was way over scheduled. I was also not looking at anything weather related, because I put on a dress, stepped onto my porch, and immediately went back inside and changed into my favorite sweater. And it was glorious.

The first stop: the school carnival. Started at 5. Got there at 5:02. Saw who I needed to see, and left at 5:21. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Then, the real fun began.
I've become a Dentonite as of late, and we had a little gathering at my second favorite gathering place in Denton. It has an amazing outdoor patio area. (just an aside- my first favorite place has an amazing outdoor patio area with food trucks). I met up with bunches of derby girls, including my derby wives, and we hung out and laughed, several dressed in costume. (It was a costume thing).

I took a few pictures, all blurry because it was 97.9999% humidity. After the derby party, the derby wives and a few others went to celebrate Snow White's birthday. Snow White wanted tacos and karaoke. In that order. And since it was her birthday, we obliged. (By the way, that's not a pseudonym... she was actually dressed as Snow White- all.night.long)

I won't go into the details, but as a memory keeper, I took lots of pictures.
Lots of blurry pictures.
28 blurry pictures.

But the blurry pictures, though not photographer quality, are some of my favorites ever taken. They tell the story of karaoke, late night tacos, and a run in with a bachelor party...

They're not the best, but they show the best time ever. I was way out of my comfort zone, but with a bunch of other girls and we had the best time ever.

And I have 28 blurry pictures to prove it.

Also, it should be noted that at last night's practice, boy {space} friend was not being a complete and utter jerk-face stupid-head anymore, and when KC asked about it, I said "I guess he was just in a mood and didn't want to be around people."

To which she replied: "Oh, like you get sometimes."

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  1. ok - i know where place 1 is in denton .... what is place 2? we are enjoying exploring denton lately & i must know! message me on fb - krbecker



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