Friday, November 13, 2015

30 days of gratitude

So, I had originally planned on blogging through 30 days of gratitude.
At the very least, I was going to put it on Insta (and probably FB) every day to I share what I'm grateful for.

But things are different this year.
Very different.

I've still been keeping up with the 30 days project, but only ending up sharing every third day or so on the social medias.

The difference this year?
So many more people are popping up in my Gratitude Project, and for privacy reasons, I'm not sharing them.  Lots of texts too.

This year, I have so.many.more people in my life that I cannot even decide on just one thankful thing for each day. This project is making me feel incredibly grateful, even when I'm not in the best place or in the best mood.

So far, here's my list of 30 days... most of it not in pictures to share on Social Media.
Nov 1: Texts showing people care
Nov 2: Texts from two very special people. And Blue Bell
Nov 3: Dinner with two special people. And tacos.
Nov 4: My kids huddled together at our outdoor school
Nov 5: Our school program
Nov 6: Fajita night with derby wives and sangria
Nov 7: Lazy Saturday mornings and clean carpets
Nov 8: Babies and naps and WFTDA championships
Nov 9: Quiet moments of work and play
Nov 10: The ways my kids love me
Nov 11: Long phone calls with BFFs
Nov 12: My adopt an athletes and how they love my kids
Nov 13: turkeys on bulletin boards

This project, though only halfway done, has shown me just how much fuller a life I'm leading this year than last.


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