Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sunday Surfing. On Wednesday.

Clutter is becoming a problem among other things right now, so I'm consciously working to get it under control. Including digital clutter.

Here's the FUN from the last few weeks...
- The answer to this question of casual answer to texts is hilarious.

- 21 of the best opening lines in children's books. This includes the single best opening line of any book, which is also my favorite book of all time, and 2 books I read aloud to my kiddos.

- This video on the way we board airplanes actually makes a lot of sense.

- THIS. Modern Jane Austen fan and I can definitely relate.

- Some of my derby friends may be receiving THESE socks.

- This. How Meyers-Briggs prepare for the holidays.  SPOT.ON.  INFJ- perfect description of me.

The SENSIBLE from the last few weeks...
- I want one of these blankets SO BADLY...

- Going to try to end the year with these...

- Am I a Highly Sensitive Person? Uh... a resounding YES. (see also- too much digital clutter)

The MOVING from the last few weeks...

- This video has been making the rounds on the inter webs, but this article made me watch it. Glad I did.

- WORD. Single in the Church.

- I don't advent either.

And, finally... ALL of these quotes. ALL OF THEM.

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