Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week In The Life: Monday

This week, Ali Edwards is documenting Week in the Life, and since I haven't done anything creative or scrapbook-y in forever, I'm going along for the ride.

Here's my Monday... I'll be scrapping it in my Messy Book, but I'm not sure of some of the details yet.
1. Bored after the test. 
2. My STAAR wars shirt. (Why did I even take this bathroom selfie?) 
3. Me heading off to coach the littles in the derby.
1. Lunch
2. The crazy pile of papers on my desk
3. A day of testing

1. The local tv station said the weather was indicating that the sky would be falling shortly.
2. Maps seemed to back up this forecast.
3. Coaching the littles. Barely a cloud in sight. 
1. Sleeping beauty
2. The view from my parking spot
3. Texting with the work buff

Favorite moment: 
After coaching the littles, ran by the boy's house 
and we went and sat outside 
and had tacos and listened to some guy play his guitar.
"Play" is used very loosely.

Here's The Story:
After a month of not speaking, I had some pretty harsh words and several head thumps for the boy {space} friend. And we talked it out and had been working on our friendship since then (end of March). But then I was out of pocket (babysitting, running to San Antonio for a quick derby trip, babysitting), and we didn't see each other for more than a few minutes for about three weeks. And during this all, I've been going through some tough stuff at work, and he's been a good friend to lean on, so when I got back and finally had a night "off", we had a little date night to reconnect. 
And since then (you know... Saturday), the {space} is closing.
And it's weird. And I'm trying to figure out how to navigate it.
And that's one of the reasons I'm documenting this week.

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