Saturday, September 17, 2016

So there's that.

It's Saturday, but I slept in this morning until 8:30. And then laid on my couch until almost 11. 
I had practice, and until yesterday at lunch, I had planned on going to that this morning. 

But last night I sent an email to the board of directors of my league letting them know I'm done.

I'm not skating with my league anymore. 

I don't play roller derby anymore. 

I'm still coaching and skating with the juniors, and I love every minute of that. (Well, almost  every minute.) But I'm not part of my league anymore. They are struggling, so they've made some changes, and I don't fit in those changes. I've suspected it since about May, but they made it clear this week. 

And then they made one decision in particular that prompted me to send a (very grown up and eloquently-worded) email that essentially said "Bye, Felicia." 

So there's that. 

Since I last blogged (sorry about that), my sister got pregnant, got engaged again (to the same guy), lost the baby (which was a blessing), and got married. 

It was a lot to put together, process, and pull off (as well as pay for) in ten weeks. Thanks to some poorly-chosen high heels, I had to have my foot x-rayed and take some codeine. 

So there's that.

Oh... also... 
The boy{space}friend is no longer speaking to me.

He stopped answering my texts the first of July. He accidentally responded to a text I sent him last week, but when I realized he didn't know it was me, I said "I'll leave you alone if you wish" and he said "I'd appreciate that."

So there's that.

And then, to top it all off, I went to my parent's house for dinner tonight, and my mother asked me what I had rainbow laces on my skates, and was relieved to find out I'm not gay. 

But before I left she handed me two magazine articles to read when I got home- one about a magical weight loss plan and one about bariatric surgery. 

So there's that.

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