Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: 'Bye Felicia

It's the eve of 2017, and in about two hours, I'm going to leave to go jump in the lake to wash off the shitstorm that was 2016.

Until then, I'm looking at 2016, and what was this year, the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking, but also roasting a pan of black-eyed peas, because this Southern girl doesn't take any chances.

The good:
- didn't die, and Daisy didn't die.
- went places, saw things, met people
- became a committed coach of my junior team
- school year ended and a good one started

The bad:
- rough end to a school year
- shaky beginning to a new school year
- dealing with sister getting married
- just the general tough stuff that comes with living a life that includes other people in it.

The heartbreaking:
- ending my "relationship" with Mike. That was hard, man. Really hard.
- ending my derby "relationship" with my league. I'm still trying to figure it out and find balance.
- a derby person's suicide a few days before Christmas. I'd worried about him all morning, and made plans to sit him down with coffee and try to help him figure some stuff out. Didn't get to do that.

Last year's intentions:
1. Go somewhere new: Houston. Kansas. Jupiter Beach. Norman.
2. Learn a new skill: Photoshop. Coaching.
3. Go on a date:  Though it wasn't intentionally romantic, Mike and I did go on a couple of really really good dates. We called them date nights, set them up in advance, and both cleaned up (which for the two of us is something).
4. Chase adventure: every chance I could.
5. Eat more real food: uh, yeah. Sure. Totally.
6. Learn from others: I think so, though I can't pinpoint the lessons right this second.
7. Buy less: uh... yes?
8. Make myself feel significant: Believe it or not, ending the relationship with Mike and ending the relationship with derby both filled this box.
9. Nurture important relationships: This was really what 2016 was all about.
10. Believe that anything is possible: somewhat. I did a lot of "would I have believed this was happening last year?"
11. Embrace simplicity: Still working on that.

I'm making no promises.
I'm holding on to little to no hopes.
I'm simply accepting it as it comes along.
With one little word.


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