Tuesday, June 26, 2007

God, Rain, and Teenagers

This week at church, we're doing our weekly music camp, where the kids learn a musical during the week, and then in the afternoons go on fun field trips. Today, one group was going to play putt putt, one group was going to Chuck E. Cheese, and one group was going swimming.

It was raining tons this morning, and the field trip organizer was running around frantically trying to figure out a contingency plan and answer all of the parent questions and stuff. We were joking and just getting generally annoyed with the amount of questions we were receiving and the headache that the constant eye-on-the-weather was giving us.

Well, today, we were set to leave at 12:30 and return at 3. The kids had to start getting back to the busses at 2:30. So, it rained and rained and rained, and at about noon the mom-chaperones were coming in telling us "it's 74 and rainy outside and are you going to call off this trip because my precious little fragile child can't get wet lest they melt and its too cold to swim and it might lightening and what are you going to do about it?" And we didn't hit them. We didn't, and I think people might have understood if we had. But, the rain let up around 12:23, and didn't start again until 2:30 on the dot.

The funny part is that all of the moms kept coming in and talking about how awesome and amazing God is, and while I don't disagree, I looked at it from a different perspective. Yes, God is awe-inspiring and amazing. None of my friends can create rain. But, God gave me a pretty good sense of humor, and I tend to look at Him from that perspective, so I am thinking that all day today, God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been up there having a pretty good laugh at our expense.
"Look at them!" Jesus says.
"They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off!" Holy Spirit interjects.
"What they don't know is that I'm totally going to give them dry skies for their little pool party. But this is entertaining. Let's keep them guessing for a few more mintues." God declares.

God's funny like that.

Teenagers. This week, they're in charge of the kids. This is the week I am always reminded why I love them so. Speaking of that, I'm going to swim out to my car to have dinner with a couple of three of them...

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