Sunday, July 15, 2007


If you need to get out of a funk, go find a seven year-old and take her to her first Lord's Supper. It will get you out of whatever spiritual funk you are in and make you look at things differently. It did for me.

I think part of my funk is that I've been unstructured for three or four days a week out of the last two weeks. If I don't have a structure to my day, a schedule of events, I get fussy. I start to think about things I don't need to think about in light of the big picture I'm usually looking at. And I start to get grumpy and growly and just moody. Not to other people, mind you. I'm good at wearing the cheerful mask. But under the out.

Usually, it doesn't last long, and it didn't this time. But boy, did my brown leather journal get an earful this morning!

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