Saturday, August 04, 2007

Conversations I Will Miss

*Updated to add this conversation:

crash! from KellsBells room. A few minutes later, the dad visits, and then, a few minutes later, the mom is heard vaccuuming. I come out from behind closed doors as the scene is winding down.
me: sounds like the vaccuum is working
aunt (mom): just sounds like it. It's not picking anything up.
me: what broke?
aunt (mom): the light fixture on her ceiling fan broke
me: how?
aunt (mom): tell her KellsBells
KellsBells: um...a jump rope and a hula hoop
we walk off and I whisper to her mother: Well, you do remember the Baton Twirling Incident of 1983 that left my ceiling fan light fixture in a pile on the floor
aunt (mom): it's why we don't have batons in this house.

Katybug: Where's Mom?
me: She ran away and joined the circus?
Katybug: Doing what?
me: Lion Tamer, duh...
Katybug: makes sense.

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