Saturday, August 04, 2007

One More Thing Today...

You may notice the nice little ticker on my page, marking a very important event in my life. Florida Football kicks off in 28 days. 28 days PEOPLE! There will be shouting from rooftops and dancing in streets! Prepare yourselves now!

An explanation of the ticker. Apparently the only people that use these ticker things are people with nothing better to celebrate than a birth or a wedding or some other trivial little non-football related dalliance (get a life people!), so there was nothing even remotely footballish to use, so I used the green grass to represent Florida Field, and since the little babies they gave me to chose from have nothing to do with Florida Football other than that the Gators send their opponents home crying like little girly-men, I used the pink shoe because, well, it's pink and I'm still technically a girl and although I would never wear a heel that size without tripping down and falling, it's still a smidgeony representation of me.

We're ranked #3 in the pre-season USA Today Coach's Poll, and Urban Meyer's signed on for another season (I don't want to talk about it) and we now get to see a lot more Tim Tebow, and I'm so excited I just can't stand it and you should be too!

Sidenote: I can tell you the exact number of days until college football season starts, and tonight I have watched bits of both the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and The Godfather, and I think the best gift of all is tickets to a sporting event, yet I'm still single why? Somebody enlighten me.


  1. Southern girls all know the football stuff. My wife isn't a big sports fan (she keeps up with and watches Auburn football, but past that nothing hits her sports brain) but she knows when Auburn kicks off.

    And, while I do agree that the Gators tend to send the other teams off crying like girly-men, my beloved Auburn Tigers placed the only blemish on the Gators national championship season.

    Now that I've said that, I fully expect the Gators to return that little favor to Auburn when we visit The Swamp this season...

  2. 1. That's why we don't have batons.. ha!!
    2. Don't be too hard on yourself about recovery. Baby steps - baby steps.
    3. Vanderbilt football is why I wait patiently for basketball season - but then I'm southern born/northern bred. Take care of yourself!



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