Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where the Bed and the Nightstand Meet

How much have I packed so far today? Ask me. Go on! Ask me.

1 box. 1 cursing box!

Did I mention that tomorrow I am moving? All of my personal belongings? From one place to another? And I had surgery last week? And I am stupid?

You are asking me: Well, ding-a-ling, what else did you do today?
The answer: helped a friend. A teacher friend. Who has decided that I am going to be her mentor. So, who else does that scare?! Me mentoring another teacher. Dee-dee-dee-dee dee-dee-dee-dee. And then we had friends in town and then they went away, and I had to lay down because I overdid it earlier today, and now I have to pack. More than the one cursing box I have already packed.

But what's worse, is the stuff I have to pack. I've already packed the semi-obvious stuff. Now, I'm down to the miscellaneous crap. And I HATE MISCELLANEOUS CRAP!!!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. I did mean to use the word crap.

But here's where this post gets interesting. Because a lot of this miscellaneous crap is located in the corner where my bed and my nightstand meet. Because I am a relatively orderly person, and I don't put stuff under the bed unless it is in a tupperware storage bin. I love me some storage bins. But stuff falls between the bed and the nightstand, and I found it, and brought it here to you for your perusal. You can say thank you later. Here is what is found where the bed and the nightstand meet:

* Daisy's hula skirt (shut up)
* a box of lightbulbs, with only one bulb
* a 2004 W2 form from church
* the insurance copy of my defensive driving certificate
* a fancy bottle of lotion
* a tube of Burt's Bees, only the best chapstick in all the land (I'm surprised Dasiy didn't find this and eat this. She usually likes to eat these. Did I mention that I have a weird dog?)
* the statement from the credit union that technically owns my car
* a travel pack of wet ones- I also have clean-hands-issues
* my Gameboy charger
* Daisy's nail clippers- like I've ever been able to get her still long enough to clip her nails
* a CD with all of the Christmas Morning pictures on it- from 3 years ago
* a deck of cards
* stereo headphones that need to come out of the package so they can go into my gym bag for the times that I forget my iPod en route to the gym, which happens more than I'd like to admit
* the movie Elf (son of a NUTCRACKER?!?! hee hee)
* gum wrapper
* tiny little drink umbrellas for the next time I entertain- since the last time I entertained was something like NYE 2001
and finally...
* a small, round piece of plastic that is poo brown and has the words "chocolate chute" on it...ya'll, is anyone else as worried about this as I am?

Luckily, I also found an empty shoe box under my bed in which to store all of this miscellaneous crap!

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