Friday, August 10, 2007


Why do we always think rationally after the encounter?

I was at dinner with my aunt, and across the restaurant (or three tables over) was my dear sweet friend and reigning title-holder of Funniest Person I Know. But he was with his whole family, and they seemed to be really enjoying their dinner, and for some reason I couldn't bring myself to walk over to the table and interrupt. Did I mention that it was a he?

So, I spend the evening trying not to stare, and trying to keep my aunt from walking over there, after she has already tried to pimp me out to the waitor, who, might I add, doesn't exactly play for the right team, and in the end, I end up leaving without him even knowing I was there, all because I didn't want to interrupt his little family time, because he was with his whole entire family.

And, then, we get to the car, and I think up at least two or three different non-invasive ways I could have said a quick "hi" and let my presence be known.

Ugh. Stupid. Kicking myself all the way home...

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