Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Teaching as a Fairy

It is book report day (AKA Halloween) and the children are allowed to dress up as a book character. And I wear fairy wings and a crown. Because a southern girl never passes up an opportunity to wear a crown.

Things I have discovered today:
* While wearing fairy wings, it is complicated (to say the least) to navigate things like doorways, crowds, and the bathroom.
* The older you get, the droopier your fairy wings are…
* While I wore the wings, I didn’t wear the whole costume, because when I do, it takes a lot to cover up the, er, promised land…
* As the day progresses, I’m not too terribly concerned with much of anything but the progression of time.
* Wearing a crown gives me a headache. I’m sure Princess Grace felt the same way.

Things I have done today:
* retied the pirate’s scarf a million times
* gotten the cat in the hat’s hat unstuck off his head (got it stuck over his nose)
* gotten the cowboy’s hat unstuck from the legs of the chair.
* Helped and subsequently cleaned up a kiddo after he got so nervous that he tossed his breakfast (into the trashcan)

In my classroom, I have:
the cat in the hat
a cowboy
A vet
Two pirates
Two cats and a dog
A witch
A pajama girl
Two children with chicken pox of different colors
A penguin
Another fairy, and, let’s be honest…she looks much better in her wings than I do…
A ninja
Obi Wan Kenobi
A boy adopted and raised by tree trolls

Phrases I have used today:
“Obi Wan, I will take that light saber AWAY if you stab anyone else with it!”
“Give me the witches broom! I SAID…GIVE me the witches broom!”
And finally…
“This is why we DO NOT have dress up day every day!”

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