Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just the Fun Stuff Please...

So, this weekend is our Discipleship Now-ish weekend called REVO. I've done it for the last five years. This year, because I was coming in from Austin late, I couldn't commit. I had to run up to the church to give the youth minister, and Crazy Daisy and I got there right as it was beginning. My girls had never met her, though they had heard many a story, so she got some extra attention which she ate up.

I was sad I didn't get to stay and experience the whole weekend with them, though not as much so when I got in my car and went to my house and slept in my own bed and got to sleep in. Yeah. That made me not miss it as much. And this morning, when I got up whenever I felt like it and went to work out, well, that was pretty nice as well.

Then, it was time for the afternoon event. A photo scavenger hunt. Having put on many a photo scavenger hunt myself, I'm quite good at them. I went with the girls to interpret the clues, which were as such:

- Do what the sign says
- I can't believe we all fit in here!
- Everybody plays the fool
- Love is pain
- 100% artificial
- All natural
- The Greatest Show on Earth (we put The Office on top of a globe!)
- Don't Leave Home Without It
- A Different Perspective
The girls seriously impressed me with their creativity! We had a lot of fun. We rode cows. We bonded. There was an overabundance of poop and poop-related discussions. We rode around town with the windows down, singing cheezy songs at the top of our lungs and making a bit of a fool of ourselves. It was a well-spend Saturday.

Updated to add...

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