Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Last Monday, it snowed and it was beautiful. But it snowed late at night, and my only disappointment was that it was after 8pm, and most of my kids were in bed for the night.

Well, they'd been promising snow all day today, and lo and behold, at around 12:15, the sky opened up and tiny to moderate-sized flakes started floating from the ground. I happened to be walking right in front of my partner in crime at the time, and though it took a little arm twisting, she agreed to follow my rule with me.

See, being a Florida transplant, snow is still pure magic to me. Magic. And so, my rule is this...
If snow falls from the sky during school hours, we go out and participate. God sends us this gift for our enjoyment. We are going to enjoy it.

Every kid acts different, but every kid enjoys it and shows it. My kid that's trouble with a capital T...he's over there with his tongue sticking out. My kid that is so stoic that he rarely smiles. But he smiled and giggled with a friend today. And I got it on camera.

And when you take brutally honest children outside into the wet precipitation, and then bring them back in all wet and messy and kid-like, there's always a fun quote as well. (background: I have wavy hair, so I straighten it every day) Two of my kiddos gave me these quotes:

"Miss O...your hair's full of tangles"
and almost simultaneously...

"Man, Miss O...your hair's a mess!!"

Gotta love it.
Wonder if we'll have school tomorrow...

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