Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tengo que aprender más español

It looks like I may indeed be going to Guatemala at the end of the summer for our mission trip.
Let the paper work begin!

I've been hoping to do this since our church started the relationship with the orphanage in Guatemala. Since my first mission-trip-as-an-adult five years ago, I've discovered that I have a heart for short-term mission trips. That's a churchy way of saying I really want to make these mission trips a part of my life forever and ever as long as I can. And I'm really really excited about this one. So, barring the hand of God knocking this off my plans, I'm goin' to Guatemala on August first. I can't wait. Seriously...can't wait.

Oh, and dinner last night was scrum-diddly-umptious. And uneventful. Except for when I knocked a glass of water on my sister. Because I'm a trainwreck like that. But anyways, it was very uneventful, which is a really good thing for my family. We like to call it progress.

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