Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Found in One Student's Desk:

1. a Pokemon card (which is in pretty much every kid’s desk)
2. baggie with hole in it
3. five disassembled mechanical pencils
4. small portion of inside of bicycle helmet
5. four water bottle lids
6. six broken popsicle sticks
7. one pony tail holder (in a boy’s desk?)
8. four different pieces of flora and fauna
9. two strips of random felt fabric
10. a piece of red, unidentified plastic
11. one red marker
12. pop top lid from a can
13. one teeny tiny stuffed monkey head

It's going to be a long day when we clean out desks.

I went to get some Advil from my stash today, and I looked at how many I have left.

About 12 pills. And 9 days of school left. Must remember to go by the store on the way home...

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