Thursday, June 26, 2008

Days Off...How I Love Thee!

During the school year, my days off are nothing special. There's always something school-related to do (papers to grade), or it's one of the few days I get off, so I have to cram everything under the sun into my day off. But summer days off, those are different. I love me some of those.

To start with, I actually have days off during the summer. In the past, my pastor/summer-boss never seemed to take his days off. But my newest and bestest pastor/ summer-boss is diligent about managing his time and taking his time off for his family. One of the eleventy billion things I like about him and his family. Because when he takes time off, I take time off.

And I get to do things like go north for an impromptu slumber party with my bff/aunt and her kids/my cousins. And we did things like swim in a pool that contained all of the chlorine in Texas. And get to hear her kids say things like "maybe we shouldn't laugh because I think she's actually crying" when I discovered the eye drops were a bad idea. And then we watched America's Funniest Home Videos and snuggled and someone who shall remain nameless ambushed me with her new body spray only it wasn't my body it was my mouth.

And after that, since it's still my day off, I got to go home and shower and lay in bed watching the Lake House, a movie that I own but can't help but shut down and watch when it comes on tv. And now I'm going to Blockbuster to rent movies because there's nothing on tv tonight.

And because it's my day off and I can!

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  1. Love, love, love summer vacation days! Don't have to cram in all of those business-y type things like I have to during the school year on days off...ENJOY! (I sure am!)



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