Monday, June 09, 2008

A Reality

How's the potentially Jewish seafood chef? Don't know. He wasn't working today, so I wore earings for no good reason. Oh well. Life's like that.

I did have lunch with my girlfriends, and was reminded of a harsh reality of singleness. Single people and married people can be friends, but every once in a while the distinction becomes apparent. Two of my girlfriends are mad at their husbands, and they all participated in a gripe session about husbands and being married. So, for about fifteen minutes, I could not add one thing but uncomfort to the conversation. Just sucked, that's all.

Now, I must go and ransack my apartment. I don't know where my birth certificate is, and I can't get a passport without it. Yesterday afternoon, I looked for it. Later in the evening, I searched for it. After a short break, I frantically searched for it. Now it's time for a good ransacking. Wish me luck...

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