Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here Goes Nothing (or Possibly Everything)

*Updated to add:
Nice guy. No love connection.
That's all.

Tonight I am having coffee with "the friend." The friend that I agreed to go on a group date with, but who has pursued me and convinced me to have coffee with him tonight. Here goes nothing...

My thoughts about tonight:
- what in the world am I going to wear?
- why didn’t I suggest dinner instead of coffee? Yes, there’s less pressure with coffee, but dinner has a distinctive beginning and end, which is a bonus if we don’t hit it off.
- This guy looks pretty good on paper, but what if there’s no chemistry? I’m a big needer of the chemistry in a relationship.
- What if he asks for my phone number and I don’t want to give it to him?
- What if he asks to kiss me and I don’t want to? (Okay, that one’s kind of easy. It’s a no-go no matter how awkward it makes me feel…)
- Why am I obsessing about this when I should be entering grades and figuring out what I’m going to be teaching next?
- How late am I going to be up having to call all the people I have to call to give the post-date report?!
- Why did I agree to this?!

And well, there's a lot more than that running through my head. But I'm all in it now. I just hope I can be all there...

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