Friday, June 19, 2009

Cable woes.

First, let me start of by stating my displeasure that last night my DVR did not record the ONLY episode of Bones I haven't seen. I was SO looking forward to coming home to watch it. I checked not once, but twice to make sure it would record. Seriously. What happened?!

Second, I'd like to discuss the fact that my cable company said they'd be here sometime today from 12 - 5. It's after 5. They're not here, and haven't called because they are 30 minutes away. I would like to shower sometime soon. If I'd really like for the cable guy to call, or even better show up, I'm sure all I really need to do is hop in the shower, which I'm about to resort to doing.

*5:27...guess who just called. He asked if my receiver was working. Uh, no. That's why I called you. He's on his way.

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