Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have become comfortably numb...

Lyric from Pink Floyd. I'm not kidding when I say I have a wide variety of musical tastes. Speaking of which, notice I added a playlist of my favorites to the side. I set it up so it doesn't play automatically, because some of the blogs I read don't have that luxury, and it always freaks me out when I click on them and random music starts to play!

And I'm actually not comfortably numb. I'm uncomfortably numb. I went to the dentist this morning, and while I was done at 11:30, I was still a little numb at 3ish. Oy. I have a whole new appreciation for stroke victims. I had planned to go to Target after the dentist, since it's in "that part of town" and while a slurpee made me feel a bit better, it didn't keep me from continually thinking I was slobbering on myself.

Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad, and the day went up from there. Of course one tooth needed a little more work than originally expected, which would cost a little more. Typically when that is the case, a "little more" is around 560 million dollars, but this time it was only $20 more. When I got to Target, everything on my list was on sale (nightgown, conditioner, and laundry baskets so I can completely revolutionize my laundry process...I'll let you know how that goes...)

I used the numbness as an excuse for ice cream and said slurpee for lunch. However, the drool really kicked up while I was on the treadmill at the gym! Of course. Why wouldn't the drool wait for me to be in public for it to be profuse?

As it is my day off, I decided to go to the pool. Of course, that doesn't come without a story. I came home after workout, rinsed off, sprayed myself down with sunscreen, got my towel, got my book, got my iPod, got my phone, found my sunglasses, found my towel, got my flip see what a process this is? I headed out the door and then met yet another illustrious neighbor.

She says: "Hey, did you know the pool was closed?"
In my head, I said: "I'm sorry, what did you say? I'm so distracted that the top button of your daisy dukes that is not buttoned, and that you appear old enough to be my mother yet are wearing shorts shorter than my sisters', that I just didn't hear what you said."
What I really said was: "No, ma'am. I didn't."

Her: "Well, it is. I went over to the (apartment complex next door)'s pool, and it was great. It's much nicer than our pool. They have better lawn chairs. You should go over there."
What I really said was: "Hmm.." (I really didn't have a chance to reply)

Her: "You should go over there. It's really nice. It's not too crowded. You should go over there."
What I said was : "Well, I can only be out for a little time because I am fair skinned, so I don't know if it would be worth it."

Her: "No! Go over there. Listen, when you go in the front gate it's right there. The code is (and she whispered this it was top secret) and the pool is right in front. It's really nice. If someone asks you, just tell them you live there. They have really nice lawn chairs."
What I said in my head was: "Are you drunk? Seriously?"

What I did was just walk away... I typically don't see the people in my complex that are home during the day. I think I like it better when I'm away all day.

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