Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You shouldn't lie like that. Your pants will catch fire.

There's a dog sound asleep on my leg, and her leg is twitching here and there. I absolutely can't move, but I love it, just like a child sleeping in my lap.

Today's story about how God is so funny begins with a letter to the general public.

Dear General Public,
If you're going to lie, don't do it on a form you turn in to a church!
You'd be surprised who works where and who knows what.
Love and kisses,

So, we're having our WOW week at church soon, and I'm working with our godess divine (ministry assistant), going through our registration list and making sure we have the most glamorous of details (t-shirt sizes) in order. She's calling out names and sizes, and I'm checking them off a list.

And then we come to the first grade list, and one little name. Little Nicholas Kasdlfkasdlmfaejkfha fjiasd. I'm pretty sure that's an accurate spelling of his last name. As I'm looking at the list and godess divine isn't even attempting to pronounce that bad boy, I'm thinking, "I know that kid. And he's not in first grade."

There's a kid with this name (or something similar, because really...could I spell or pronounce this name?) that is in my reading buddy class at school. My kindergarten reading buddy class. I grab the form to see if I recognize the street name, and while I don't recognize the street name, the grade blank has a K scribbled out beyond recognition and a 1st put in it's place.

Two things this parent probably didn't realize:
1. A teacher from this kid's school, who goes into this kid's class every Friday, was going to be the one looking through the forms.
2. As a teacher of fourth graders, I'm like a CSI agent in finding out what's written underneath lots of heavy scribbling.

It's not important in the grand scheme of things, and we won't do anything about it, because I'm not going to get into an argument with someone who is not a member of our church about filling out a form dishonestly, but I really think it's stinkin' hilarious!!

In other news...
I'm now in the most uncomfortable contortion due to the dog asleep on my leg...just so you know...

Another side's 4ish, and there's nothing on television, so I'm flipping between Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and Oprah. As I switch over to Oprah she is talking about her aha spiritual moments, and I grabbed a bag to put next to me for when I have to throw up, which is inevitable while watching Oprah. She talks to some guy about living through a plane crash and watching others die and their auras going up into the sky, and some are brighter than others. Then she talks about how she wants to live to have a bright aura.

Excuse me while I puke and then turn the television off.


  1. I bet your auro is blinding...

  2. I can't watch Oprah due to the fact my eyes roll so much it gives me a headache.



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