Sunday, July 19, 2009

Darling, I don't know how to tell you this. There's a Chinese family in our bedroom.

That's a quote from (500) Days of Summer.

What do you mean you haven't seen it yet?

I know it's only playing at Northpark, the most obnoxious mall ever, and in Plano. I don't care. I SAID it was worth it!

So, I'm leaving for camp roughly five minutes ago. I'd been all sorts of ready to set up to post the entire week I'm gone, with lovely stories of times I fell down, times I accidentally set my self on fire, and of course, the infamous police car ride.

But then I just couldn't get them written.


I'm going to hang out with about 115 kids, some really cool adults and Jesus. But not necessarily in that order.

I'll be back on Friday.

Peace out.

P.S. Hello to whoever is in North Carolina that just started reading my blog. Welcome!

P.P.S Hat tip to Happy Little Wonders for showing me this. I scored a 40. And I'm embarassed by that fact.


  1. Maybe I'm the one from NC reading your blog! I found you through "What's Next Girls?" blog. I hope you have a great week at camp and get some refreshment in your daily walk while you're there!

  2. Hi!

    I just wrote a really long comment to you, that I decided would be better in an email. I found your email and I will send it in a moment.




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