Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rooty Tooty Fresh and...that's all.

I had IHop this morning for breakfast, and when I asked for no fruit on my pancakes, that's what the waitress said, which only affirmed my choice for breakfast.

First and foremost, thank you LISD for paying me a few days early. I just wrote a rather large check to cover the rest of my trip to Guatemala, and though I knew I could cover it, the thought of having $32 in my bank account until Monday made me a smidge nervous!

Yesterday afternoon, my boss who is wonderful insisted we both take some time off before we leave for camp. Which is good, because there was a movie I really wanted to see, more than I wanted to see HP6. I drove downtown to see it, being forced to take 635. There was a lot of angry texting between me and my BFF. Now, PandaMom and What's Next...before you go fussing at me for texting and driving, know that it was 635 on a Friday, so I was not texting and driving I was texting and sitting in traffic. As was my BFF who was on our local FloMo roads stuck in traffic as well.

Y'all, stop what you're doing right now and go see (500) Days of Summer. It was worth navigating 635 on a Friday afternoon to see this movie. It was worth navigating the obnoxious maze that is Northpark mall to go see it. Go. Right now. But don't get too attached to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's mine. Mine. I saw him first.

Anyways, I'm taking today to take some quality time by myself. I understand that most Saturdays are spent alone, but this is a smidge different, because today, I'm acutely aware of the value of my alone Saturday. Over the next three weeks, I will not have much time, if any, alone. And I'm a person that needs some time alone.

Now, all of this non-alone time is by choice, and I wouldn't choose it any other way. Camp is a week spent surrounded by the best of people, children, and friends. When I get back, my Lubbock family will be waiting at my apartment for me to come and play, for which I can't wait. Then, they leave, and I head off to Guatemala. (Exactly two weeks from today! Lawsie Mercy!)

Again I wouldn't choose anything but three weeks surrounded by the people, but I'm stocking up on alone time. I'm also employing a strategy that served me extremely well two mission trips my apartment from head to toe. Since there's a possibility I'm haivng people at my apartment while I'm gone, I'd like for it not to look like the swirling vortex of entropy that is currently resembles. And since I've been packed for camp (and pretty much Guatemala) since Thursday night, I've got the time to devote to it. The bathroom and kitchen are done, and already they bring me much unspeakable joy.

The hard part is the living room and the dreaded craft/work/studio/dining room. The mere thought of cleaning it scares me...

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