Friday, July 17, 2009

The disco ball is hanging on by a thread

That’s a lyric from my Summer Swelter playlist song Coffee Girl. The singer escapes me at the moment. It’s not important.

This is the week before camp. Also known as the week in which the wheels fall off of the bus. Oh, wait. We also threw in two funerals. And three sponsors had to cancel on us for the week. And….and….and…

So, before this week started,  I bought stuff to cook myself lunch and dinner every night this week, and decided that I would work out every afternoon this week as well. Let’s all say it together now: “That’s cute.”

Tonight, Little Caesar’s made me dinner. And I don’t see myself cooking anytime soon.

There’s good news on the horizon. All of our little issues have resolutions available. We leave for camp in three days, and it will all get done. It will all come together.

But there’s more than good news on the horizon…it’s called and it is my bestest friend ever right now. Our camp is in Wichita Falls, which is also known as the hinges of hell in the summer. That’s pronounced ‘hey-yull’ for you yankees. However, there’s a cool front coming in, and it’s not supposed to be 100 or more the whole week we’re there! The heat will be coming in just as we are leaving. Thank you Jesus. You knew I needed it.

Now, since I’m feeling a little unsettled with all of the last-minute gunk going on, I’m going to do the one thing that will make me feel back-on-track: I’m going to go pack my bags.

Peace out.


  1. Packing, packing, and more packing. Doesn't it feel good when you can zip a bag closed?

  2. Hmm. Coffee Girl. If it's the same Starbucks free download of the week that I received, the singer(s) are Tragically Hip. They've been around since my dh was only my bf. Canadian. LOVE this song! Of course, if that's not the one your talking about, nevermind. :-)



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