Friday, July 31, 2009

I know I’m me, but do I have a superpower?

I could quote Stranger Than Fiction all day long.

One thing I know for sure…my super power is NOT googling information from 3rd world countries and getting legitimate information.

I actually do have a superpower. It’s called shopping. And today, I used my superpower for good, helping the citizens of our fair town on multiple occasions.

I took two of the senior high girls shopping for our Guatemala needs. They needed pants and other miscellaneous items for the trip. So, first we went to The Walmarts. They got the tea tree oil they needed and a few other items, and of course picked up a few clothes that they didn’t need for Guatemala, but I can’t really look down on that.

At Walmart, one of my girls found a pair of pants for $14 and asked if that was a good deal. I promptly informed her we would be going to Garden Ridge, store of crap, and getting a much better deal. She was confused, but trusted and did the right thing. She was rewarded with two pair of pants for $4.99 each. She also found a dress for $10 to wear on the plane. I always dress for travel, and hope to pass that on to the younger generation.

So, we go to Target, and run into MHat there. She’s trying to find dresses for a rehearsal dinner and an evening wedding, which is not easy, and even harder when you’re pregnant, which she is. She had a couple of choices, but I asked her if she had checked the clearance racks, for which she hadn’t. I schooled her in the art of Target clearance shopping, and she found the perfect dress in the wrong size. While she was doing something else, I had the dressing room guy call the store that is actually closer to our house, only to find out they had that dress and another one she was looking at in her size.

She texted me later to tell me she got the dress. Once again, I saved the proverbial day.

Shopping is my superpower.


  1. Nice touch, ShopGirl. ; ) Hope you have an incredible time on your trip!! We'll be praying y'all! Use lots of that tea tree oil and don't be coming back with any Central American cooties. Love on those precious kids at any cost though.

  2. BTW: when you come back it is definitely time for some new blog skin. This one is really pretty, but, I'm bored looking at this one and we know it's all about me.



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