Thursday, August 20, 2009

Songs for a new school year

Tuesday morning I woke up with a song from Sunday's worship in my head. I love when that happens, especially because I don't listen to the local "Christian" stations. When a song pops and sticks into my head, it is worship God put there, not just something I heard on the radio.

Of course, this morning, I had a Green Day song stuck in my head. Go figure.

I made my summer mix so late in the summer, I wasn't really sure I'd make a back to school playlist, because I'm still loving my summer mix. And then, I found some really great music, so I had to make one.

Two of my favorite artists of late are coming out with new CD's. A Fine Frenzy is bringing her stuff in September, the 8th to be exact. I can't wait. Can.Not.Wait. Her music drives me creatively, and of the two new songs, she's headed in a slightly different direction, but it's a good and creative one. And Greg Laswell is bringing a new EP in Oct. of 5 new covers. And we know how much I love me some cover songs. He's also coming to the Granada in Oct., and I really want to go. Really bad....

So, here's my Back to School playlist, because I know you were waiting with bated breath. I put it together just in time for Meet the Teacher tomorrow and my YL time at the lake this weekend.

1. Toxic...the cover by Nickel Creek. It's totally bootleg, which I almost never endorse, but I had to have it!
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...a haunting cover by Greg Laswell. I pink puffy heart luv him.
3. Us by Regina Spektor. I want to be her when I grow up.
4. Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings karaoke to this song in (500) Days of Summer, and it rocks my world.
5. Wonderful by Gary Go. I think it may have been a free download, but it's good.
6. Blow Away. The new A Fine Frenzy song. It is perfect.
7. The Well. A demo by A Fine Frenzy. Haunting. Many creative things will be done to this song.
8. Sunset Gates by Gomez. This song has a feel about it. It needs air. And long hair out the window. And a long flowy dress. And a 70's tint to the photograph. I can see this song in my head when it plays. Even the part in the end when it goes bonkers.
9. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop. I really like Landon Pigg, and this is the song of his that's on the AT&T commercial.
10. Drumming Song by Florence + the Machine. Oh my stars this song is good and odd and rocks my world. My world.
11. 21 Guns. I'm liking Green Day's new CD.
12. Samson. Another Regina Spektor song. Total girl crush on her.
13. Melody by Kate Earl. This week's free song. Or maybe last week's. It gets stuck in your head. In a good way.
14. For Beginners by M. Ward. A friend told me about him a while back and I must confess I didn't listen much, but now Starbucks gave me his song for free and it's good stuff.
15. Happier. Another off the new A Fine Frenzy CD...can't can't wait...
16. Sara Smile by Hall and Oates. I just love this song. It may be my new ringtone.
17. Lay, Lady, Lay by Bob Dylan. He's great in concert, even if you can't understand a word he says.
18. Make You Crazy by Brett Dennen. Good artist, great song. Lyrics stay with you.
19. Key West Intermezzo by John Mellencamp. My favorite radio station has been playing this a lot lately and I forgot how much I love this song. And this artist.

So, that's what's making my head go round musically...What about you?

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  1. I saw M Ward at the Outside Lands Festival last summer in San Francisco (he was onstage in front of Regina Spektor, actually--and she was brilliant) and I didn't think much of him. He seems to be getting a lot of buzz about his most recent release, so it might be time to go back and give him another listen...



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