Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

Before I tell this story, can I just tell you that I just added two letters to a word on words with friends that garnered me 73 points. I am way too proud of that. It's sad.

Now, let's talk about my shoes. Because they are the awesomest things ever to be brought into the universe, yes they are.

The Aunt and I have had a little bit of snobbery going down about the Toms shoes. Yes, they give a kid a new pair of shoes, but they're not so lovely if you had asked me before May came round. Katybug wanted them for her birthday, and that's all she asked for. I said "ugh" and tracked them down, because "all she asked for" is my department. Found them in the glittery silver size she needed, and once I got into a store full of Toms, I decided they did possibly make a cute pair or two here or there. Then I saw a pair on a YL high schooler and on a lady from church.

And I secretly wanted a pair. I think I mentioned them to The Aunt, and even toyed wtih the idea of getting a navy canvas pair and putting a gator applique on them, because the only thing awesomer than a pair of Toms was giving a pair of shoes to a kid in need while rocking the Gator.

But then. Then. I went to Lubbock, and was given these beauties.

She got a pair of burlap (BURLAP!) Toms. Then, she hand-painted them for me. Hand painted!

She took my newest favorite song by Jason Mraz and painted the title on the front and some of the words on the sides. Look!

I just can't even believe them. They are the most wonderfulest things I've ever laid my eyes on.
And they are mine.

I wore them yesterday and no one really noticed them, but today, all eyes were on them.
But my favorite?

One of my little ones today asked me... "Why did she paint 'Toms' on the back of them?"

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