Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Favorites

Things I've been in love with this month:

East of Eden. I started reading this book as school was getting out, and am on chapter 17. Of 55. This book is kicking.my.arse. But I'm loving it. I do not like the characters, but the characters I've been introduced to as of yet are not meant to be likable. I'm tackling it one chapter at a time with Spark notes, but I'm really into it and looking forward to reading each chapter at night before bed.

I'm now a huge fan of Groupon. It's a group coupon. They have a new one every day. I get emails for both Dallas and Ft. Worth. One thing I've discovered is that sometimes they offer online deals. So I check every city, every day. Once I discovered the iTouch ap for that, it's been very easy.

Picaboo. It's a program in which you make a photobook. I signed up for the service and got a free book, and it was stunning. I made it of the summer activities, and then gave it to The Parents. They loved it, and I loved it so much, I bought a Groupon (see above) for $100 worth of services for $25. I plan to make them another book of holiday pictures.

Then there's this. This ap. This game. This minor addiction. My Tim introduced me to it, and I swore that I would not download it because I do not have time in my life to play a game such as this. I assured him I would not be downloading such a thing as this.
And then, I went to Lubbock, and The Aunt had it on her phone. We downloaded the paid version on both her phone and my Touch, and then Katiebugg did as well. Once KellsBells got her Touch, she also downloaded it. At one point, the four of us were playing the same game on our own personal entertainment devices side.by.side in the living room. Sharing the three power cords, as this game is a complete battery suck.

Link Love:
A new favorite daily website, thanks to HappyLittleWonders.

And would I leave you without a youtube video? Of course not:

Pay close attention to the end when they ask them how long it took to write it.

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