Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's very satisfying to use an insulting colloquialism, even when it isn't accurate.

I've been able to get into my classroom for the last two days.

This has a few implications for my state of well-being:
1. I am able to breathe a little easier, knowing what lies before me.
2. I've almost stopped referring to some of my coworkers as idiots. Almost.

I worked for four hours yesterday and got all of the furniture mapped out where I want it, removed a couple of pieces of furniture (including an upside-down file cabinet), and pulled everything out of boxes and bins and baskets to figure out what needed to be put up and where.

I also remembered that I can put a room together in a couple of days.

I put in a good solid seven hours today, putting a bookshelf together and mentally reminding myself never to ask C and A to pack all of my books up. Ever. I got cabinets cleaned out, organized, and filled back up. I got two bulletin boards up. I'm on my way.

I also worked with Kasi to get a few things done that are not necessarily on the "teacher to-do list". We moved furniture from one side of the building to the other. We made a makeshift dolly using two rolling chairs to get the heaviest.desk.ever to the other side of the building. We moved a filing cabinet that was not upside down (but was full of files) to the other side of the building. At one point, when I had raised a table for her with a screwdriver I keep in my classroom, Kasi said she didn't realize the skill set I'd developed from moving every year.

We listened to two other teachers on our hallway whine about having to move student desks where they want them to be in the classroom. I realized immediately that my classroom door would be closed for most of the year. I cannot listen to complaining all year and keep my Christian values. Just can't do it.

Oh, and my entire being knows that I'm back into school teacher mode.

I was ready for bed at about 7:45 last night. As in, couldn't sit up on the couch anymore- had to lay down lie down go horizontal.

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  1. as the daughter of a school teacher who was told early in life that she was concieved just to put up bullitine boards - I feel your pain sister:-)



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