Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You live in a cave. It's called a lair.

Oh my Lawsie Mercie y'all. I understand it is Texas, and I understand it is August. But I do not understand why God has chosen to punish the South like this. My mother thinks it's to give us a taste of what hell is like, and I have a cousin who is quite certain The Almighty is just mad at the democrats, but I don't know. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

The highs this week are supposed to be in the low 100s. According to GMA, Thursday should be 107, though local forecasters have said it should only be 104. On Sunday, we should get a break because it will only be 98.

I. am. melting.

Instead of embracing the summer, I'm hibernating.

The shades are drawn in the apartment. The lights are off. The fans are on. It is cool and dark and I have no desire to leave it. Especially not the bed, which is directly under the ceiling fan and so inviting.

This week, I'm working only mornings at church. I originally scheduled it that way so that in the afternoons I could go to work in my classroom, but since I seem to work for and with idiots (more to come on that later), I haven't been able to do that. So every day this week I've come home to my dark, cool bed and have no other choice but to take a nap. Daisy has encouraged me in this endeavor. She's almost insisted.

It's the least I can do for her.

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  1. i love when one MUST take a nap:-)



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