Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey. It's Monday. It's okay...

I read Glamour magazine. It's one of my guilty pleasures. A little mindless trash to wind down the day with.

One of their features is called "Hey, It's okay..." It's one of my favorite things to read each month, because some of the things I can identify with.

Then, I saw this idea on another blog, so of course, I thieved it and made it my own.

So, periodically, I'll be posting a "Hey. It's okay. It's Monday" post to organize my thoughts and the miscellaneous adventures of my life.

Here's the first installment.

Hey. It's Monday. It's okay...

... to bring a bag of ham, a bag of cheese, and a bag of bread to keep at school since you have a ham sandwich every day and there's no point in making one every morning.

... to eat the same snack every day because you love cheese and you love pretzels.

... to know you're going to be up past 9pm, so you take a nap- just a quick snooze- so you can make it.

... to be very excited about the week- just because the new shows are coming on. Come on Thursday.

... to consider it grilling burgers on the grill, even if the grill has George Foreman's name on it.

... to catch a few rays while you're on recess duty. Oprah calls it multi-tasking (name that movie and you get 1000 bonus points.)

... to drink new Diet Coke Plus because it's fortified with vitamins and minerals, and you'll take them wherever you can get them!


  1. Sweet Home Alabama!!

  2. Sweet Home Alabama - darn that Abby - can I get at least a pat on the back for coming in second?

  3. You are both rock stars!
    And way too good at this game!



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