Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm not calling you a ghost, but stop haunting me...

- Sorry it's been a while. Keeping the boys, along with a couple of other duties, has left me a little out of pocket. Just this afternoon I've finally arranged to stop getting my clothing for the day from the dryer.

- Young Life starts tomorrow and I'm not ready to give up my Monday nights. I'm not ready to stay up late (past 9pm... gasp!). There's also a different dynamic, which I'm still a bit unsure about.

- I have to grade papers. I really don't want to. Really.

- I saw a friend get mad today. Well, maybe not mad, just annoyed. He's a happy-go-lucky guy, and though he wasn't mad at me, I still hated it that he had to get mad. It was very disconcerting.

- One of the things I have learned from television is that if I was going to write a code, I'd pick the message out of a book and then write a code based on the number of page, line number and word number. So, that's a heads up if you ever find a bunch of numbers. I'm trying to send a message. Actually, the nerd in me is thinking of making one myself. We'll see.

- I'm apparently destined to head down memory lane today (thus the title). While driving around endlessly today, I heard my very favorite song from my freshman year of college (1995) and our song. I've also caught a glimpse of That Boy while driving around town, lately, and his name has come up due to Young Life starting up again.

- We are starting our favorite (and messiest) science unit tomorrow. Which means I need to go make tons and tons and tons of Oobleck. I say we because it is the kids' favorite, and when I'm not making tons and tons and tons of Oobleck, or trying to clean up that mess, I do kind of enjoy it.

- I'm not sure what's going on with shabby blogs/my computer, but a couple of my favorite blogs, by The Aunt and by Reckless, aren't working on my computer. So I have to find another way to read their blogs. Because I'm certainly not going to give up reading those.

Fine. I'll go grade papers And destroy my kitchen with cornstarch, water, and green foodcoloring.


  1. You are going to have to watch less t.v. if you say things like "if I was going to make a code..." just say'n...

  2. Ha! I have a code if I get kidnapped and have to write a letter. LOL! I'm so not joking about that....we read Alas Babylon in the 9th grade, and I decided then that's how I would sign my letters to people would know I was in trouble. I don't think it's a bad idea to come up with a code. I'm just sayin....

  3. why is ooblek always green? do you think it gives orange a complex?



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