Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm laughing on the dark abyssmal inside.

I do not usually bring my computer home on Monday nights, but I brought it home tonight for two reasons. YL is not a usual club, so I don't have to go early and set up, etc. Also, I wanted to share a picture with you.

Tonight is the annual Missing Persons event at the local mall. We all disguise ourselves in various different ways and then the kids have to find us as we "hide" in the mall. Before I discuss this year's disguise, I want to tell you about last year's disguise.

I've always felt that simple is better, and last year, I simply used spray hair paint to spray my hair black. I shouldn't say simply, because my hair was disgusting, my bathroom was covered in black spray paint, and after two cans of hairspray I'm fairly certain I was high as a kite.

So this year, I'm ebracing my inner goth. I've got a long black wig, and a surprising store of clothes in my own closet, and some boot-ish shoes picked up at the local thrift store.

Without further ado, may I introduce you to goth Jen:

Things I've discovered:
- if I want to be a witch for Halloween or any event otherwise... I'm set. All I need is the hat (which I may pick up half price on Nov. 1)
- it's hot to be goth. And by hot I mean sweating with the car air on Max.
- goth shoes hurt my feet. A lot.

I think I'll stick to my happy-go-lucky blonde look.

(P.S. How goth is the picture if my neatly made bed is in the background?)

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  1. I noticed the bed! how long did it take to find you



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