Monday, November 22, 2010


A phone call from this morning:
BFF: Hey! What are you doing?
me: organizing some supplies and discovering that I have 31 of the same type of pens, in about 7 colors. I think it's time for an intervention.
BFF: OMG! Husband and I were just having the same conversation! He just said that he didn't understand why I had to have six black sharpies, and I told him that's because he's never taught second grade.
(insert five minute conversation about office supplies here)
BFF: Okay, the real reason I called is to play a game of "Crazy or Not Crazy"
me: Ooh! I love that game! I'm really good at it!!

I love it that there is someone else on the planet that is as wacky as I am.

Oh, and here's a picture of the subject of our conversation. This is just the ones at home. There's another set at school. Yeah, it's probably time for an intervention. 

After that, I cleaned off my dining room table, and got ready to messy it up again with the December Daily stuff.

I laid it all out.

I included the snacks and the music, because I needed a little sustenance and inspiration. 

Then, I sat down and decided to work on the cover. I got halfway through it and squealed with delight. And had to text {c} about it.

I'm only through Dec. 3, and I'm going to post it on the other blog, but I wanted to show the cover. Because it makes me very happy.

So, here's the cover of my December Daily.


  1. Bring me all the duplicate colors becasue as you can guess mine not only have different colored lids on each pen but now have disapeared completely...
    Oh, and bring me that cover... it needs to be mine...

  2. Speaking of intervention, I must need one because I got all excited when I saw a Jenni Bowlin bingo card and Thickers in your tiny picture. I'm slightly addicted to Thickers.

  3. I heart office supplies!!!!!



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