Sunday, November 21, 2010

Does this mean that my dog is Jewish?

I have a Jewish student this year, and as part of our winter rotations starting next week (yikes!) one of the teachers is talking about Hanukkah. I helped her come up with the activities, and one is making a driedel. (Spell check is not happy about how I spelled that, but it is also not helpful in finding the real spelling.)

The real dreidel was played with gold coins (I think), and is now played with chocolate coins in some homes. When I was out at Target, I found this little bag of chocolate coins on the dollar aisle. I grabbed them to show as a visual. I've had them around the house for about two weeks now.

I came home from church today and found this:

Does this mean that my dog is Jewish?
(Sorry it's blurry)

It's funny to me, because I was just having a conversation at church with Jmom about how my dog is naughty at home, but very good with other people, and I'd rather have her that way than being bad with other people.

And then I come home to the half-eaten gelt. Go figure.

And later today, I'll be posting about my adventures going to Northpark mall. And how I needed a nap when I came home...

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