Monday, January 10, 2011

Anatomy of an almost snow day

All week last week, I was obsessively regularly checking the weather.
I had a week planned for two days of work, one day of outdoor field trip, and one partial day with a reward movie.

Then, the day was canceled, and I had to rework all plans, to add an additional day of instruction. And such.

Friday: get the email telling us to take our Snow Tree home- we might get weather.

Saturday: obsessively regularly checked the weather. Hoping, praying for no weather. No snow day! I've made plans! I don't want to go to school an extra day in June!

Sunday: Snow coming out of church. Threats that it will freeze. Will we have snow day?! NO! I don't want a snow day! Looks like we're having a snow day! NOOOO!

Sunday afternoon: snow on and off. Dark, gloomy day. So tired. Still no desire for a snow day. No! I don't want one! I have plans for educational things! No snow day.

Sunday evening: some schools start to cancel. Go to bed. Get multiple texts speculating the idea of school or no school. Make my views very clear: I do.not.want. a snow day tomorrow.

And then:
Monday morning.
5:30am 5:45am.
Wake and turn on television.
Television says : My school district is having school. No snow day.

Bummer. Total bummer. I didn't think I wanted a snow day until I couldn't have one and had to actually get out of the bed.

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