Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the year that was 1994

I'm on a major purging streak, and moving a few things around. In the process, I found a high school yearbook from 1994, which was my junior year (and best year) of high school.

I decided to trash it for a couple of reasons. The first of which is that there's so much water damage done to it thanks to some sort of spill a while ago that turning the pages required prying them apart and tearing them in the process. Secondly, I never look at the thing, and don't remember who most of the people are. Also, there were 2100 students in my school, so the thing is ginormous.

After I got past the Lord-have-mercy hairstyles that screamed the early 90's, I loved reading what people wrote in the book, and looking at some of the pictures that took me down memory lane:

- Apparently, I cheated in Mr. Aversa's class (no idea what he taught) with S. Q. (no idea who she is). We were also cat-dissecting partners in science class.

- Megan said I "deserve the best and nothing less" and that "Guys are Jerks!" (again, no idea who Megan was)

- Finding a picture of Matt T. and remembering that he was the bouncer at The Swamp on the midnight I turned 21 and he let me in as 21 two hours before midnight. I miss The Swamp. (And I'll bet Reckless does to. Or at least Mr. Incredible!)

Things that happened in the year that I was a junior:
- an oil spill in Tampa Bay. (don't remember that AT ALL)
- Michael Jackson was accused of molestation
- Michael Jordan retires
- Conflict in Somalia
- The Bobbit scandal
- Schindler's List came out (never seen it)
- Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan
- My beloved Gators went to the Final Four for the first time evah.

And finally, this little yearbook signature:
" Hello Jennifer. Boy that AP test was fun! Wasn't this year a blast? Only one more left! Even though I don't come from a good Christian family and I'm going to hell, I'm glad you're my bud. Your pagan friend, K***"
Which is funny, because now we're f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k. friends, and she's getting married to a relatively religious guy (from what I can tell).

An even better treasure found in the pages: my church notes dated 1995. Those I'm keeping, stains and all.


  1. Well, finally, a movie I have seen that you have not. You must watch Schindler's List. Never been to The Swamp.

  2. LOL! I miss the swamp, too...



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