Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shower the people you love cold water?

I did a little sitting on babies before I jumped a Southwest plane to the magical land called Lubbock (which is an entirely different post in and of itself, entitled "the strangest people on the planet fly Southwest on a Friday afternoon").

This house and these kids- they're always an experience. In the past, I've not come from there as pleased because I disagreed somewhat with their child-raising philosophy in that I am in favor of rules and such and they did not seem to have any that weren't negotiated with whining and general trickery. However this time, it appears that the mother has gone all Nanny-9.1.1. on their junior backsides, and the experience was much better for both myself and the munchkins.

With one solitary exception: the shower. Also known as the bane of my existence.

I've said before that the guest bed on which I sleep is my favorite bed to sleep in as it is comparable to sleeping on a bed of cloudy fluffiness. I love their bed, and retire to it the very second the kids are in bed after two glasses of water, some tummy aches and other general maladies that occur when one is trying to get out of going to bed.

I've also said before how much I hate their shower. Hate. It. Passionately. See, their guest bathroom must be far from their water heater. I'm pretty sure the water heater is in a small village in Costa Rica because it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r for the water to heat up. On the first morning I was there, I let it run a smidge, and took a tolerably lukewarm shower. I vowed to let the water run for much longer the next morning.

Side note: sometime after the lukewarm shower and after we went to school, the very fancy shower curtain fell, so when I went to the bathroom I found it laying on the floor. And since I don't have an engineering degree nor a physics degree, I almost didn't get the dang thing back up.

Morning two went something like this:

6:45- wake up fifteen minutes before alarm. Go to bathroom and turn water on to hot. Go back to sleep.
7:00- alarm goes off. Hear water running. Hit snooze.
7:09- snooze goes off. Hear water running. Feel water- ice cold. Decide to clean up the dishes.
7:15- go check the water. still ice cold. realize the shower curtain has been replaced too high. Readjust the shower curtain.
7:25- feel water. still ice cold. go lay out clothes for day and repack suitcase.
7:30- feel water. still cold. attempt to take shower. Can't bring myself to wash hair. Give up.

The downside is that I don't wake up until I've had my shower, so the whole day I was yawning and trying very hard just to stay awake. I was barely successful.

Luckily I was headed to Lubbock- the land of the best.showers.ever.

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