Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It's official. I am now a proud owner of/payer for the interwebs in my apartment.

It's about time.

They called me twice and emailed me today to tell me my service wouldn't be ready until Friday. This was tragic, as it meant I'd have to wait two WHOLE days to regale you with tales of my mascara dilemma. (I changed mascaras, and hello? has anyone seen my eyelashes? seriously. where did they go?!) But I guess they were wrong, because someone came by today and flipped the imaginary switch and viola! I have interwebs! (and yes, I know that it should be voila, but it sounds more fun as a musical instrument.)

Aren't you glad that I have the interwebs now, so you can get DAILY doses of parenthesis and exclamation points?! EXCLAMATION POINTS! I LOVE THEM! 

In true comedic fashion I got extremely frustrated with the V interweb providers over a little issue that was a misunderstanding on my part leaving me fuming at the V's for less than five minutes before they called me back, straightened everything out, and basically informed me that I'm not a good listener and a little bit of an idiot. Who knew?Well, Joe at V-rizon knows now, you bet he does.

Oh, and in deciding that since I now have the interwebs I should probably rearrange all the furniture in my apartment RIGHT NOW OMG I CAN'T WAIT A MINUTE, I also broke a chair. Sat down in it and it snapped, but not for weight-related reasons- why would you even think that? I leaned back and the chair stayed put. But the back of it snapped off. Awesome. Looks like I'll be buying furniture soon.

I have to go and put Crazy Daisy on the bed to signify that Peace-Out- I'm Outta Here. I have the church-going things to do tonight, and then, when I come home, I'll be rearranging some furniture. STAT!


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  1. I can't even make a comment. I'm too dizzy...

    Maybe you should just go straight to the barstool section? Apparently, that is the look that your apartment is screaming out for.



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