Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a flammable heart I've been given...

During Valentine's week, one of the blogs I love did a "Crush Week". So I'm copying them shamelessly using that as inspiration for this post. While there are absolutely zero actual human males I seem to be crushing on at the moment, there are some things that I am in l.o.v.e. with lately.

Main Crushes:
That Daisy is a little sideways

The Aunt and KellsBells. If Katybug wasn't so hornery with pictures, she'd be on here
App Obsessions Crushes:

Blog Crushes

Food Crushes
Friday night + Little Caesar's + Mt. Dew = Tradition + Love
 Tutti Fruitti. 
Movie Crushes

Male Actor Crush

Zachary Levi = Chuck = Love
(and let me say, in googling these pictures, I found all sorts of delicious pictures of the above. Swoon.)
Musical Crushes
Freelance Whales. I heart them in all sorts of ways. 
Their music is wonderful, and their song makes me want to be named Hannah.
TV Show Crushes
 Glee. Nuff said. 

Big Bang Theory.

What are you crushing on lately?

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