Thursday, May 12, 2011

where art thou blogger?

I had the dream again last night. The dream that is so real and so beautiful and such a taste of what I want…and then I wake up. In the small moments when I was transitioning from dream to wake, I remember thinking that it was a dream and I’d have to wake up and I didn’t want to. It made me sad. Then my arm started tingling painfully and I realized I’d been sleeping on it wrong, which is probably why I woke up.
Later on in the evening, I flashbacked to that dream and it made me sad. Very sad. 

I’m making good progress on getting a week’s worth of lessons spelled out in meticulous detail for my sub(s) while I’m in Rome next week. Yeah, next week. 

I’m not sure if it had anything to do with either Rome or the continuous lack of sleep I’ve been getting (save Wednesday morning), but my panic attacks are back. They’re very mild right now, and very controllable for me, but it’s weird to be having them again. Especially when I’ve been faithful to take my meds. 

Remember this from two days ago? A guy predicted an earthquake would hit Rome. I said if it did happen, I would be pissed. Well, it didn’t hit Rome, but it knocked Spain for a doozy of a spin. And creeped me out a little bit with its near-accuracy.

Now that I'm ready to write more and publish, blogger has gone away.  Hmmm...

(I'm loving this new snippet-ish blog format I'm trying out for a little while, at least until I get my bearings back.)

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