Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camp. In pictures.

I am back from camp. I am still in the detox mode, which I will also write about soon.

I wanted to show you the (very) few pictures I took before, during, and after camp.

This the first part of getting ready for camp. Clean off the bed. Get out the suitcase, and put everything out on the bed. Decide what I am and am not taking.

This process can take up to two days. Especially when the high temperatures are in the 105 - 107 range.

I am a packing ninja. While this suitcase does not show everything I packed just before I zipped it up, the final zip enclosed:

8 skirts, 3 dresses, 12 tank tops, 3 pair shoes, 6 pair of shorts, 4 tee shirts, toiletries, swimsuit, undergarments, make up, hair accessories, all the meds I may need, plus two sets of hair rollers that I eventually took out, because what was I thinking bringing hair rollers to camp?

This is what my hands look like after one of our evening events. The back of my hand was even worse, as I discovered after I'd opened the food color bottle with my teeth that it was leaking all over my face. I frantically wiped my mouth, and three days later, the back of my hand is slightly yellow-tinted.

This is what midnight at camp looks like. As far as bedding goes, I always keep a "go bag" with my sleeping bag, towels, shower shoes, and my bright yellow blanky (which has a story in and of itself). That hideous yellow blanket has been to Rome, Guatemala, and the hinges of hell itself (Wichita Falls). 

My cell phone and iTouch are never far from my fingers, since if something happens in the middle of the night, I'm an emergency person-in-charge contact. Fortunately, this year, the emergency (vomit) didn't have my number. Bummer.

I use my sleep cycle during camp. I don't really use it to see how well I don't sleep (know that without technology), but instead I use it to gently wake me without waking my roommates. Though this year, one roommate had her alarm go off two or three times a morning, and while she hit snooze quickly, it still woke up the other two of us. Nice.

And when I wake up way too early in the morning to get things going, and get ready in the dark, my pajamas land wherever they land.  This is also the case with my shoes.

Finally, this is what camp looks like when it's done. When my mom has picked me up from church (she has some weird phobia about me leaving my car at the church all week), given me back my dog, and left me alone at home.

I immediately lay on the couch and catch up on some television that I've missed while I was away. It's quiet, and cool under the ceiling fan, and wonderfully heavenly.

Later, I'll tell you about what exactly I do at camp, and then how I detox from it.

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