Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Favorites

I must start off right away with the You tube video of the month (even though no.videos.whatsoever are showing up on my firefox browser. Fail)

I found this on July 1st. I don't know if I can make it to the 30th to share it with you. For some reason, this cracked me up in so many ways. It also made me want a cat, which is bad news bears because I'm so very allergic to them. But here it is. Angry, talking cat.

And another delightful video for you. One involving a fashion accessory I have strong feelings about.

Link Love:
- I do not do The Twitter, but I follow some of them, and I've been easing into them. And I found THIS, from one of my favorite companies (Knock, Knock) and I may have to get it, just to pass notes to a few friends.
- In order to link to that, I had to go to the site. Bad idea. I simply must have this.I could have used this in college. I love this. So much. Maybe this would switch me from "single" to "in a relationship." And finally. If I could give this to people, I wouldn't be single.

And finally, I love him:

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  1. I'll get you an angry cat and you order all the things you linked to... it will be fun...



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