Thursday, August 04, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter i. Lower case i.

I really do wish I could blog right now.

I've had the blank "new post" page open for days now.

But I went on vacation to the Lake and didn't know just how badly I needed a vacation until I took one.

And tomorrow, I'm headed west to the land of The King and I and birthdays. The Uncle thinks I am seeing the Ape movie with him and he is sorely mistaken.

I'm taking my computer. Maybe I'll blog there. Maybe I won't.

I'm also full force into school planning and presentation planning and wondering why my mother asked me if I was sitting and grumbling a bunch of cuss words (her word, not mine) when I was sitting at my computer and listening to music while I looked over some papers. And not speaking at all. My mom's weird. 

There are a a few things going on right now. For instance, I got a Phone with a lower case i in front of it. Several people have told me how it will change my life. Is my life more convenient? yes. Changed dramatically? Not really. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

The real question is, what apps should I have on my new Phone with a lower case i in front of it?

(I've also taken all the photos off of my old phone. So be on the look out for some of those in upcoming post- yeah, I know you're excited.)

Seriously. Which apps do I need to make my smart phone smarter?

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