Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and that. Mostly this. Some of that.

I haven't written for a while, as we are getting ready to go to camp, and thus my desk at work is a disaster.

Again, I will bullet-point it for you, because writing a coherent post right now is a very daunting task. As is spelling coherent correctly the fourth first try.

- I took another painting class with KC last Tuesday. It did not go well. It was at a new place, and I think I like the old place better. She and I both left there with a dislike of flowers thanks to the challenge it turned out to be to paint them.

- One channel on my DVR continues to mess up. And it's my news channel, which makes me very annoyed. I only tape two shows from this local ABC affiliate, but when I do, they go all wonky. It drives me a little more insane than it should.

- I'm thinking about scheduling posts for while I am away at camp, except that most of my blog readers (minus The Aunt) will be at the camp with me. So why bother?

- I'm teaching an inservice session when I get back, and I found out that one of the two sessions that I'm teaching is already full. That's a little scary to me. Also, they don't tell us how many people are allowed to sign up. So that full session could mean 20 people, or it could mean 200 people. Gulp. (Though knowing my district, I'm pretty sure it will be closer to the 20 mark.)

- My summer music selection is amazing, and I'm loving it and listening to it and adding to it a good bit. On another note, I found out that Mat Kearney (love him!) was in concert after we come back from camp. A friend and I had plans to go, until we found out that the only tickets left were standing room only. We both agreed that we didn't want to stand the whole time. I love my friends.

- I have a twitter account, but I never use it. I'm thinking about starting it back up again, as I read several people's tweets. If I do that, does it mean I have to get an iPhone? (And, by the way, how does my mother have an iPhone before I do?)

- Since I'm going to camp next week, I should really be packing. I could (and probably will) write a whole post on packing. What else have I got to write about?


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM CDT

    You can post to Twitter with just a text message, but admittedly I do find it disturbing that your mother has advanced past you in the cell phone technology department...just sayin'.

  2. At least your cell phone is on an actual PLAN and not a pre-paid like mine who is now charging for incoming text messages which now means that I really can't text anymore. This stinks.



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